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What is @tipElectron tip bot?

It is a free application to easily send the virtual currency Electron coin to other twitter users.

It also functions as an online wallet. You can keep your Electron coins, or Electrons, securely in your twitter tip bot account. You can make deposits, send electrons to other twitter users, or withdraw electrons to your computer wallet.

MassTips feature automatically sends electrons to multiple users by accessing the twitter automatic programming interface (API)

Integration with BlakeTrader is currently disabled


  1. Easily tip up to 8 users
  2. Automatically tip multiple users with MassTips


Quick Start

  1. Have a twitter account
  2. Fund your @tipElectron tip bot with Electrons
  3. Send a tweet to start tipping!


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Electron coin and @tipElectron tip bot

Virtual currency for small tips and fundraising

Electron coin was founded in May, 2014. It is actively developed and well-supported by a core group of developers

Why Use @tipElectron?

How to obtain Electron coins

Electron coin

  1. If you received Electrons from another twitter user, Electrons are already in your account. You can use them right away.
  2. Acquire Electrons through C-Patex exchange, symbol ELT
  3. Make electrons using your computer's graphic card (Mining)

Sample tweets:

For support, contact our support twitter account @electronTips or email "support at electron dot tips"

Information on Electron coin: www.ElectronCoin.org