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About us

My name is Artie, and I am the main developer for @tipElectron tip bot, BlakeTrader.com, and Electron coin. My business partner Cody and I are located in Los Angeles, California, USA. We have been following the crypto developments since 2011 (Bitcointalk forum users CA Coins and electron-coin). We are currently incorporating in the state of California, and this information will be posted once completed. We plan to register with FinCEN and register in California as a MSB if these become a requirement for our platforms. We will comply with all California state, US national, and international laws.

Electron coin is a part of the blake-256 family of virtual coins. Special thanks to the blake-256 core developers BlueDragon747 (twitter), Cinnamon_carter (twitter), and John Villarz (twitter).

Mission statement
The mission for @tipElectron is to develop into a platform for users to show gratitude and fundraise. My personal mission, being also a practicing physician, is to develop @tipElectron into a platform where patients can use to raise funds for their medical care.