@tipElectron tip bot

Send Electron coins with Twitter

Deposit coins

To deposit Electron coins into your tip bot account, include in your tweet:

  1. @tipElectron
  2. deposit keyword. Not case sensitive. Multiple keywords will prevent processing of your tweet
  3. No additional text required. Your @tipElectron deposit address for depositing Electron coins to your account will be tweeted back to you
  4. Any coins sent to your deposit address will be credited to your account
  5. Minimum deposit 1 Electron coins, Maximum deposit 10,000 Electron coins
  6. For example: "@tipElectron deposit"
  7. Sample reply: "Welcome! @user your @tipElectron ELT deposit address is eF94EyGZGykU55Ct9WBqZomTQKhTfS9tyf for @user"


  1. Do not include more than 1 keyword
  2. After the required texts, additional text can be included. Special characters and none database-safe words will not be stored on our server
  3. Once your tweet has been processed, the tipbot will mark it as a favorite
  4. Depending on your settings, a tweet or direct message will be send to you with your deposit address
  5. Transaction fee paid to the network are 0.01 Electron coins for deposits.
  6. To deposit with other virtual currencies, please see BlakeTrader