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Register for Masstips

Masstip registration is currently disabled in beta testing:

  1. After registration, MassTips tweets will be sent out using your Twitter account instead of the tipbot helper accounts
  2. Your twitter account will be accessed via Twitter's API using your own credentials
  3. Your credentials will be stored in our database, salted and encrypted. It will be deleted if you cancel your authorization.
  4. Masstip registration allows you access to 2 additional masstip functions: TipAllFollowers and TipList
    • TipAllFollowers: to tip all of your followers
    • TipList: to tip all users in one of your lists
  5. It also increases your masstip limits:
    • Increases number of masstips from 4 per 24 hours to 20 per 24 hours
    • Increases maximum number of recipients from 50 to 10,000