@tipElectron tip bot

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Tipbot Policy and Community Rules

  1. Minimum tip size is 1 ElectronCoin
  2. Maximum tip size is 1,000 ElectronCoin
  3. Minimum withdraw size is 1 ElectronCoin
  4. Maximum withdraw size is 1,000 ElectronCoin
  5. Minimum deposit size is 1 ElectronCoin
  6. Maximum deposit size is 10,000 ElectronCoin
  7. Users are limited to 20 tips per 60 minute period
  8. Minimum Masstip recipient count is 10
  9. Maximum Masstip recipient count is 50 for unregistered senders and 10,000 for registered senders
  10. Limit is 4 Masstips per 24 hour period for unregistered senders and 20 Masstips per hour for registered senders
  11. If you're use @tipElectron for the first time, you will receive a tweet containing our Terms