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Security is a top priority at Electron.Tips:

  1. We use only in-house servers. Hot wallet and the database servers for off-chain operations are separate from the web server.
  2. Deposits are relayed to a separate hot wallet server.
  3. Majority of the tip bot balance and reserves are held in offline cold wallets.
  4. Databases are synced in real-time to a backup server. Wallets and databases are backed up daily.
  5. Encryption is available for connecting to the site via 256-bit SSL.
  6. The site is tested daily for common vulnerabilities by Site Lock.
  7. Key database values are salted and hashed to prevent tempering.
  8. For registered users, twitter access tokens are stored salted and encrypted.
  9. We pledge to protect the coins you have with the tip bot, to protect you against losses if the tip bot is hacked, and to protect you if you suffered any losses through any fault of ours.
  10. It is our goal to build a secure platform and continue to improve our service. Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Please safeguard your twitter account:


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