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Terms of Service

@tipElectron Tip Bot Terms of Service (TOS):
By using the @tipElectron tip bot, and/or mentioning any of the @tipElectron affiliated twitter accounts, you agree to abide by our terms, the Twitter Terms of Service, and all applicable laws.
These terms include, but are not limited to, the below rules:

  1. We reserve the right to prohibit users from using our service, and/or report any unauthorized activity to law enforcement
  2. You agree to abide by Twitters Terms of Service: https://twitter.com/tos
  3. User will receive a message from us upon establishing their account either by request an account from us via a deposit request or by receiving a tip
  4. If you received an unsolicited tip, you may opt out be replying "@tipElection optout" and you will not receive any further messages from us. You may also elect to simply ignore the message and you will not receive any further messages from us
  5. You agree that when you tip a user, you have permission to tweet and/or communicate with the recipient user in accordance with Twitter's TOS. In particular, this includes celebrity and high-profile accounts
  6. You agree that you are tipping legally and in compliance with your local money transmission laws
  7. You agree to not use words in your tweet that may imply racism, prejudice, promote terrorism, engage in criminal behavior, discrimination of any type (including gender, sexual orientation, religious), and any threats or implication of violence. We keep a list of banned keywords. Your account will be flagged if your tweet contains these banned keywords
  8. You agree to receive tweet from the tipBot, our affiliated accounts, and other users of the tipbot. You agree to notify us if any users are engage in spam or are in violation of our TOS so that we may resolve any issues
  9. Your account may be cancelled without refund if we decide that you are not using @tipElectron in compliance with our TOS, Twitter's TOS, or any applicable local/international laws
  10. All tips are irreversible and do not need to be claimed by the recipient. Requests to reverse transactions will be denied.
  11. There are no fees associated with tipping. Deposits and withdraw have 0.01 ELT fee paid to the network.
  12. If you use the BlakeTrader trading function, you agree to abide by BlakeTrader's Terms of Service
  13. These terms are subject to change without notice as we improve our service

Regarding tips:

Please observe per user tip bot limits of 20 mentions per hour. MassTips limits are 4 per 24 hours for unregistered users and 20 per 24 hours for registered users. Users may be banned if we detect suspicious or spam-like activities. Please contact support if you have any questions. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in using @tipElectron.

Please contact support at @electronTips if you have any questions or concerns.