@tipElectron tip bot

Send Electron coins with Twitter

TipList masstip. Registered users only. Disabled in closed beta.

To send a tip for users in a list that you own, include in your tweet:

  1. @tipElectron
  2. "TipList" keyword. Not case sensitive. Multiple keywords will prevent processing of your tweet
  3. Number amount of your tip. This amount will be sent to each recipient who retweets the tweet. Minimum 1 ElectronCoins, Maximum 1,000 ElectronCoins. Amount will be rounded to 2 decimal places
  4. list[list_name] No space betweet "list" and "[". It must be a list that you own (as appeared on twitter API).
    • For example: "@tipElectron TipList 30 list[my fav users]"

Optionally, you can also include


  1. Do not include more than 1 keyword or non-masstip keywords such as tip, withdraw, balance, help, or deposit
  2. For the amount, do not include more than one number in your tweet. Otherwise the tipbot will not be able to distinguish which number is the amount
  3. Spelled out numbers will not be used as amount
  4. After the required texts, additional text can be included. Special character and not database safe words will not be stored on our server
  5. Masstips have no fees
  6. Once your tweet has been processed, the tipbot will mark it as a favorite
  7. Depending on your settings, a tweet or direct message will be send to you once the tip bot has completed tipping your list members
  8. The tip bot will use your twitter account to send out a tweet with the tip mentioning the users (up to 8 at a time) on your list
  9. Depending on the users and their settings, an additional tweet may or may not be sent to notify them that they have received a tip
  10. Registered Users are currently limited to 2 TipList requests per hour
  11. Registered Users are currently limited to a maximum of 10,000 recipients.
  12. To change your default settings for maxcount, please see masstip settings.