@tipElectron tip bot

Send Electron coins with Twitter

Withdraw coins

To withdraw coins from your tip bot account balance, include in your tweet:

  1. @tipElectron
  2. withdraw or withdrawAll keyword. Not case sensitive. Multiple keywords will prevent processing of your tweet
  3. Your Electron withdraw address
  4. A number amount, except for withdrawAll

For Withdraw

  1. Include Number amount of your withdraw. Minimum 1 Electron coins, Maximum 1,000 Electron coins. Amount will be rounded to 2 decimal places

For WithdrawAll


  1. Do not include more than 1 keyword
  2. If an amount is needed for the keyword, do not include more than one number in your tweet. Otherwise the tipbot will not be able to distinguish which number is the amount
  3. After the required texts, additional text can be included. Special characters and none database-safe words will not be stored on our server
  4. Once your tweet has been processed, the tipbot will mark it as a favorite
  5. Depending on your settings, a tweet or direct message will be send to you with your once your withdraw has been processed and confirmed (6 confirmation)
  6. Transaction fee paid to the network are 0.01 Electron coins for withdraws.
  7. Electron addresses start with a lowercase "e" and is 34 characters long. See Electron for details of Electron coin.
  8. Daily withdraw maximum is 10,000 Electrons per 24-hour period.